Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oblòng Appurtenance...

(Amended 10 June 08.)

Garrulous crews on nearby scaffolding bellow instructions, then drown themselves out with blasts of compressor noise. It is a delight to have returned to tranquil, neutral Switzerland... I lay entangled in blankets in a spare room in the flat of our co-host Ricardo; the work below roused me from slumber far too early for my own good, but as Balazs is absent, it appears that I also disturbed his rest with blastbeat snores. Reciprocity has its shortcomings...

A massive delight to see Dave Phillips in the house last night! We jabbed and flailed for a few hours, catching up on recent, parallel developments and discussing the forthcoming OHNE album (as yet unrecorded) and proposed North American tour. (We'll get to it eventually.)

(Mr. Phillips shows off his good side...)

Dave joined Balazs, Gaybomb and me for an après-gig plate of vegan pasta while Fred.L'Epee, an ardent, utterly drunk TLASILA enthusiast and local video director, shot sequences for bonus, behind-the-scenes effluvia he apparently intends to include in a Swiss-only DVD release of last evening's recital.

Here's how the interview went:

Fred (slurred to the point of incomprehensibility): What do you theenk (long pause) of underground myuschik?

TLASILA: We don't think of it.

Fred: OK OK OK. Nixt queshton. What do you (hiccup) theeeenk of unnergrowwn musik?

Gaybomb: I think of Balazs, then I think of Tom.

Fred: OK. OK. I start again. Wha do you thint of underground msshick?

Dave: Bloody hell...

TLASILA: (laughter)

Fred: (laughter) OK. Good. OK. Nex. You tint commershulll bans pussi-weeped?

TLASILA/dp: Wha?

And on it went, spooling into irrecoverable, irredeemable drool.

Still, far better being interviewed by Fred than that foul Simon Reynolds cunt...


Now, Gaybomb and Balazs laze happily, noses pressed against laptop displays...

DP is dropping by for lunch soon, so I'd better be dipping my toes in the beef tallow.

(Below, Dave and Ricardo make short work of the roquette...)


Today is laundry day! The lichen growing on my jeans are forming a collective gridwork of anxiety...

Bits of plaster tumble through the open window from the scaffolds above,


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Jonas Siig said...

Hi guys.

Just wanted to let you know that we've uploaded the interview we did in Århus on the morning after the show.

Click 'Samtale hér' and you're about to hear strange conversations about Chaplin and Mr. Bean.

Hope to see you guys in Denmark again.

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