Sunday, May 18, 2008

Woe Is Us Re Leipzig...

I despise having to cancel gigs. Loathe it beyond all measure. We win devotees in live performances. We marry them, sire their wretched spawn, empty their university accounts, and run off with their au pairs, tongues dragging the dusk-fluoresced vomit pools of Ibiza and the conch husks of Vamizi Island...

We could not travel by train to Leipzig from Geneva without incurring a crippling toll. The cost of the tickets alone would have sent our finances into freefall. If we'd had a sufficiently hefty fee waiting for us, our decision would have been easy - we would have been there, with bio-luminescent bells on. Alas, I originally scheduled the gig as a fun stopover between adjoining cities, but when two of the planned supporting gigs fell through, we were faced with a nearly 900 km slog. As initially planned, we would have only driven 300 km to arrive at Noch Besser Leben.

I've since read an email from stalwart enthusiasts - several persons waited until midnight for our arrival, despite the fact that we'd sent a notice of cancellation 18 hours prior to the gig. This makes my heart ache...

If possible, we'll schedule a benefit concert in Leipzig during our next European visit. It should be easy enough to organize such an evening... In the meantime, sincere apologies to those who gathered at the space. We wanted to perform, but the cost of the trip would have wrecked the remainder of the tour. Without a car, relying on the rails, fuck, we would have spent a small fortune. In fact, we would have needed a paid audience of 300-500 just to recoup our travel expenses, and the capacity of the gallery, if I'm not mistaken, is less than 100. As we're not exactly burning up the airwaves in Leipzig, our choices dwindled to one: abort.

Next time.



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