Sunday, May 04, 2008

XS at the XM...

Ciao, i miei tesori!

Writing from Ricky Biondetti's flat in Bologna; Ricky and the XM24 action unit kicked ass for us last night and their efforts resulted in a packed house and a tremendous response. After the previous day's disappointment, this was a major fucking improvement. The attentive (and, happily, dance-crazed) crowd didn't understand the nuances of our texts, but more than one attendee told me that they absorbed the gist and swallowed our laudanum with ease. Outstanding... A recurrent laptop glitch threatened to derail Sickboy's mood, but the bugs flew north and Jurgen's spirits lifted. My skull is severed and my cough persists, everyone is fatigued, but from my tweaked perspective, everything is wonderful. Wish this bloody tour could go on for another two months. I'd be dead, of course, but I'd hit the gutter with a massive Cheshire grin.

In half an hour we leave for Roma...




Anonymous said...


Glad to hear about your adventures and european successes. Do you have the link to your visual records of the onslaught? Cuz you guys didn't come to Wien, I'm having a hard time picturing it myself.

Grazie tanto

ommyth said...

Hello Anon.,

We tried very hard to secure a gig in Wien, but found no venue willing or able to book us. Dispiriting, but the city's loss! After the tour ends, expect them to come groveling. Pix are being added to the entries as time allows - our schedule has been manic, with wireless access limited. New pix were posted yesterday, but I'm adding them in reverse chronological order - check the April posts for updates...

Many Thanks,


To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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