Sunday, June 22, 2008

Achtmonatige Ziegen-Creme...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - 30-minuten männercreme

(1994, Love Is Sharing Pharmaceuticals, CD LISP 94601-2)

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01 "Long Reach" Composite
02 Pictures at an Exhibition
03 Pull Chains of Memphis
04 New! Skin Chamber Lite!
05 We Demand the Right to Piss in Different Colors
06 Amp
07 This Is Colleen's Incredible True-Life Story
08 Se Vende "Humor Me" Demo
09 Stefania
10 Long Georgette Jacket
11 Lee Krasner 1949
12 Piss, My Heart
13 Hitchhike to Oregon!
14 Weakness Spits
15 No More Was Needed to Inflame My Balls
16 Throbbing Gristle at the Berlin Wall
17 Mandan on the Rise
18 LEF-Mux "Theme" Plasti-Cast
19 Trip Right Over It
20 Get Fit to Herbie Mann!
21 Unobscured Miss
22 For Your Pleasure
23 Foul Therese
24 Hackworth
25 Slot-Tod
26 Strength Into My Blows
27 C-93 "Tag" Plague
28 Good Old Gospel Ship
29 Stars of Fingers
30 I Shall Eat Peyote
31 A Passerby
32 Goëtic Circle of Pacts
33 A Thirst for Love
34 Lena K.
35 Very Wide Pink
36 When I Was with Estée Lauder
37 Why Are Her Hands Ungloved?
38 Hafler Trio Completists' Feud-Song
39 Blind Woman Blind Son
40 Shot Your Mouth Off

Recorded at Sync Studios, Telemundo Studios, and Churchill's Hideaway January 1992 to November 1993 by Tom Smith and Rat Bastard. Mixed by Rat and Tom; produced by TS.

Tom Smith: voice, tape, optical readers
Rat Bastard: bass guitar

Adris Hoyos: outburst and percussion
Bill Orcutt: guitar
King Felix: synthesizer
The Lady Tigra, Tracie Phillips, and Oscar Perez: backing vocals

Music and lyrics TS, except 22 (Bryan Ferry) and 28 (traditional).

(162 MB, ripped @ 320.)


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1009 said...

thanks for this, tom; finally a d/l over wch i need not loathe myself. i've been interested for a while in the tlasila catalogue but was never sure quite where to start & this gives me a good place (& a good excuse?).

standing off in chicago...

ommyth said...

many thanks for your non-self-loathing, 1009. 30-mm isn't quite the ideal portal into our oeuvre, but it is absolutely reflective of our '93 ethos. thus, a rib-tickler, especially if any ribs are exposed.

cheers to you and all mutual friends in chi-town,


Mikkel said...

Are there any chance this album will be re-uped again? I can't seem to find any links that work.

All the best,

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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