Monday, June 30, 2008

Aspects of Speech We Might Admire...

TLASILA - Half Church vs. Smegma

"The unconscious is the true physical reality." / Move away from clarity.


(Four tracks, 15.5 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Graft in a flash that time before a fall,



Steve said...


Thanks for the wonderful blog & all the obscurities you make available for us. I noticed that you never got around to posting the 1st & 3rd Portsmouth Sinfonia LPs- would it be possible to do so?

ommyth said...

Hello Steve,

As most of the works displayed herein are hiccups launched from the Shavian diaphragm, I'd be hesitant to describe them as either "wonderful" or "obscure." They're mere signifiers, really, a chronology of entropic aesthetics...

And yeah, I totally forgot. Perhaps it will soon be time to rectify that oversight.

Thanks for posting,


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