Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On Faith and Its Antipode, Italian Techno...


Dunno how many of you have actually seen a copy of Psycho Radio's 2006 remix of "Religion" from Public Image Limited's debut First Edition album, but it exists and it's worth hearing.

I didn't care much for the "Extended Original" mix (it groans under the burden of synthetic strings), but the "Tignino & Leo Mystic Dark Mix" makes a solid case for techno-trance larceny. It's imperfect (no Levene, Walker or Wobble, just Lydon's voice sampled from "Religion 1"), but it will do.

The version I'm sharing was scavenged from a BBC Radio 1 stream of an Annie Nightingale live set from 2007; given the vulgar realities of cross-fading and beat matching, I've only five of its eight minutes to share.

Should you care to add this opus to your larder, please, download it here.


I will survive, I wish I could die,



kingpossum said...

Anything with Mr. Lydon's voice attached is worth a listen to these ears. The Time Zone/World Destruction 12" with Afrika Bambaataa is an all-timer immho.

Thanks for bringing this one to light, I for one didn't know of it.

I remain,

ommyth said...

And apologies to you, KP, and everyone else for not offering complete versions of both sides of the maxi-single. (There's a word you don't see much of these days!) I've looked for them, believe me. Fragments are extant, but otherwise...

All the Best,


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