TLASILA Euro 2008 Fliers, Pt. 2

A handbill from our appearance at Teatar & TD, Zagreb, Croatia.

(Too bad WW and TM couldn't quite hop that last-second Air Force One ride and make the gig...)

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)


Anonymous said…
Wow, we look really Croatian in that snap. Too bad none of us were there.

How do you say "bait and switch" in Croat?

ommyth said…

Every venue and promoter was informed of the personnel (your name was included, as you'd not yet been sidelined with the surgery), but more than a few of them reverted to time-tested (lazy-ass) form...

Everything well, CG?


ommyth said…
Oh yeah - "bait and switch" in Croatian:

mamac i skretnica


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