Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wet Sheets Over the Doors and Windows...

Pussy Galore - Oven Bait

(Adult Contemporary Recordings ACR 007 C-60, edition of 10, 1986; out of print.)

Ignore the eBay iterations, as they're rife with error, choked in catarrh. This very limited release was never known as Unauthorized Oven Bait; rather, that was a corruption of an Adult Contemporary Recordings ad which alluded to a new sub-label christened "Adult Contemporary Unauthorized." As might be expected, the sound quality of the 5th-to-50th generation re-boots offered therein is usually well south of dire.

Here's the actual release version, transferred from the master metal bias cassette to laptop at 96,000 Hz/24 bit, then ripped to mp3 at 320 kbps. The original j-card artwork is rescanned above. (Half of the ten copies distributed were shipped with handwritten covers, as was the producer's mid-80s wont...)

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There's no honor among Glas-addled, ex-bandmember bootleggers, but shove such dislocations aside -- this racket was deserving of multiple Pulitzers.

Personnel: Jon Spencer, Julie Cafritz, John Hammill, Dave Hair, Peter Hayes, and Tom Smith.


Pussy Galore - Oven Bait

Recorded on December 6, 1985 at Westminster Basement, Washington, DC, and mixed on October 15, 1986 at Ginsberg Basement, Silver Spring, MD, by TS.

Side A

01 Spit and Shit (17:34)
02 Kill Yourself (12:47)

Side B

03 Fuck You, Ian Mackaye (12:47)
04 Fuck You, Man (17:41)

c+p Spencer/PG 1985-2985


(139 MB, ripped @ 320.)



For the original, pre-release version of Oven Bait, go here.



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