Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Children and My Children...

Diamanda Galás - Diamanda Galas

(1984, Metalanguage LP 119; out of print.)

An astonishing album, one fairly screaming to be reissued...


01 Panoptikon (15:49)

02 Tragouthia Apo To Aima Exoun Fonos (Song from the Blood of Those Murdered) (17:00)

Diamanda Galás: voice

Richard Zvonar: tape manipulations and signal processing on side A, recording of multi-voiced backing tape on side B.

Side A recorded Feb. 1984 at 1750 Arch Studios, Berkeley, CA.

Side B recorded Oct. 1981 by Ed Herrmann at KOPN, Columbia, Missouri, on the Ionizations Concert Series with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts & Missouri Arts Council.


This re-post features an improved rip of the album extracted from the original Metalanguage vinyl release.

(75.2 MB, ripped @ 320.)





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