Friday, August 01, 2008

Baptism or Descent...

William Schimmel - Accordion Revisited

I purchased this album when I worked at the, er, not-so-vanished (see comments below) Melody Records in Washington DC. Brilliant from first pump 'n' squeeze to valedictory wheeze...

(Finnadar 90234-1 LP, 1984; out of print; ripped from the original vinyl, with some surface imperfections removed digitally.)


01 Rondo (Otto Luening)
02 Tientos (Max Lifchitz)
03 Fables (William Schimmel)
04 Cooper Square (Wallingford Reigger)
05 Iridescent Rondo (Henry Cowell)
06 Accordio Clustervilles (Patrick Hardish)
07 Pavana and Rondo (Carlos Surinach)
08 Accord (Eric Salzman)

William Schimmel - accordion


(106 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Lady of Spain in Exile in the Faulklands,



Isaac Linder said...

long-vanished? The Melody I know of, around since '77, is still there kicking it in Dupont.

ps. any takers on the Sickboy/TS/Sudden Infant record yet?

ommyth said...

I stand corrected and shamed, Issac. In all my visits to DC in recent years I've never noticed the shop, and thus I incorrectly gathered it had sundered. 'Tis true, I'd rather win the election and lose a war... (I walked from my various haunts and hovels in '84 to that Dupont Circle corner hundreds of times... Strange that I would have missed it. Never even bothered to check it online!)

Oy vey...

Many thanks,


ommyth said...

P.S. No takers yet, but then I'm about six albums back in the queue from the WORM session... Since midweek last I've thrown all my energies into transferring cassettes of TLASILA archival material for the Menlo Park box.

The Pro Tools files are here, resting quietly. Should someone want them, they can be activated...



EgoMe said...

If I understand correctly, there is a chance to get a "copy" of the following: William Schimmel - Accordion Revisited...? I have been looking for it for a long time, but in vain. Now I found this hint...?
Any chance?

THANKS a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Missed out on this classic accordion disc. Any chance this file can be downloaded at this late date?

ommyth said...

Dear EgoMe & Anon.,

The album sits quietly on an external drive several thousand kilometers from my current location. Should I visit my family (and my former home office) back in Valhalla, I promise to 1) retrieve the hardware and 2) re-post WS's fine, regrettably out-of-print collection.



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