Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chaos Reigns No More...

(Amended 31 Aug 08, then again on 27 July 09.)

You really need to hear this. Everything makes sense again...

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

As I wrote to the Cool Palm:

It's an audience boot, but of better-than-average quality, except for Eno's first version of "Baby's on Fire," which suffers from tape-crinkling. Ja!! Nico sings "Das Lied der Deutschen"! Kev had fucked Cale's wife the night before the concert, and poor John found them in the act. He's thus pretty drunk and shaky throughout, and his outtakes deserved their status. "Buffalo Ballet" is a mess, and "Gun" fares only slightly better. The revelation is the complete Ayers set - it's really good. Or, I should say, the songs left off the Island album (June 1, 1974). He performs the whole of the "Dr. Dream" suite, and it's superb. This bootleg assembles the bloody mosaic at long fucking last... Eno's "Baby's on Fire" opens the Island version, but it was actually a final encore, done for the sake of the live recording itself, as he was unhappy with the first run-through. And hearing Kevin's set in its entirety makes a mockery of that ( review.

CP: Naughty Kevin! Must have been great fun for all to play "I've Got a Hard On for You Baby."

"Hard On" is the least of the Ayers tracks, based on a lengthy listen to the outtakes last night. There are a few good lines, but it was a bit too lowbrow an ending. Cale must have snipped off a length of piano wire in anticipation of garroting him!


Here's what was played by ACNE at the Rainbow Theatre on June 1, 1974:

Driving Me Backwards / Baby's on Fire (Eno) / Buffalo Ballet / Gun / Heartbreak Hotel (Cale) / Das Lied der Deutschen / The End (Nico) / May I? / Shouting in a Bucket Blues / Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes / Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You / Whatevershebringswesing / Everybody's Sometime Some People's All the Time Blues / Interview / See You Later / It Begins with a Blessing ~ Once I Awakened ~ But It Ends with a Curse ~ The Doctor Dream Theme / Two Goes Into Four (Ayers) / I've Got a Hard On for You Baby (all) / Baby's on Fire (Eno)


(196 MB, ripped @ 320.)

Disc One / Disc Two



Garrote Von Hard-On


kingpossum said...

Bless you Garrote Von Hard-On! I didn't know these tracks were floating about. Kevin Ayers a dream always.

ommyth said...

Hello Possum!

Please keep in mind that this boot contains only the outtakes from the ACNE concert and full-length versions of songs de-fanged or otherwise abbreviated that appeared on the legit (and still very much in print) June 1, 1974 alb...

Hope all is well,

TS (for GvHO)

kingpossum said...

Cheers to you Tom.

No, I didn't mistake it for the authorized release, just pleased to be introduced to some additional stuff from the project.

Hope you're happy and well and all like that.

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