Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Release: TLASILA / Demonologists Slow Dance and Dry Hump...


Didn't know this was out yet! Drink a quart of transmission fluid and do a pancreatic leak 'n' jerk over to Hung Like a Horse, where you can make arrangements to obtain the new TLASILA / Demonologists split cassette... It's new and disproportionate.

Saline Solution,



bruitiste said...

It's been out for nearly three weeks I reckon... I ordered it right away, but a copy has yet to cross the Canada-America border and land on my doorstep. Hence the delay in effusive praise.

ommyth said...

Salut Bruitiste!

I've heard the TLASILA side, of course, but I've yet to receive copies for the group or myself. Hung Like a Horse today assured me the tapes were on their way... Delays are to be expected, but nothing can match the temerity of Canadian customs! Bastards!!

Hope all is sparkling,


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