Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now It Can Be Told...

It's official: the first installment of our proposed Cortège trilogy will be issued on Norway's Roggbif Records imprint.

Titled Épuration, the album will should be on release by early 2009.

Recorded by Matt Azzarto at the Think Tank in Hoboken, NJ, and mixed and produced by Graham Moore and yours truly, the album features twelve new compositions performed by Rat Bastard, Ben Wolcott, Mark Morgan, Don Fleming, Chris Grier, Gaybomb, Don Hassler, Patrick Spurlock, Kelly Jamison, Mark Shellhaas, Nandor Nevai, Misty Martinez, Dimthingshine formerly Dimthings, Graham, and me...

This one is a dogma-shredder, so stay fucking tuned.




kingpossum said...

Thanks for the tip, Tom. I'm all signed up on the Roggbif email so's not to miss a thing.

Signing off for a bit as we're off to Holland for a bit o' rest and relaxation. Will be thinking about you and your impending move to Hannover in the neighboring Deutschland.

Regrettably, Golden Earring are off tour for August, but Tinariwen are in at the Paradiso so we're good.

Cheers, kudos and huzzahs

ommyth said...

Many thanks, KP. Looking forward to the European autumn. It's going to be cold, but a stunner nonetheless.

Failing Golden Earring, perhaps we may yet inveigle Q65 to reform!

Enjoy your holiday!



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