Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Po' Po' Pee Poo-Core Reanimated!

Duotron - Duotron vs. Tom Smith (new edit)

(Sessions released as Menlo Park Recordings LP MPK 7006; out of print.)


Duotron, along with Scissor Girls, formed the absolute, wicked-ass apex of Chicago's purulent, oh-so-prurient mid-90s sub-basement scene. I was sufficiently ambitious enough to want to work with (and ruin the reputations of) both cabals, and I'm honored to have unzipped and pissed all over global aesthetic stasis with them. The pooled moment drained, of course, but no-one with any sense imagined it congealing.

The great Duotron were:

Odi M'Khan - drums, voice
Rikkeh Suhtn - guitar, voice

01 Po' Po' Pee Poo (17:50)

02 Po' Po' Pee Poo (version) (17:56)

I've gone back to the original session tapes to prepare this version, which restores approx. thirty seconds of previously deleted studio chatter and needless (but always soothing) amplifier hum to each track.


Originally recorded, mixed and produced by Tom Smith at Eliot Dicks' (10x10) studio, Chicago, January 1996. Re-edited and remastered August 19, 2008 by TS at Western Blot.

(81.9 MB, ripped @ 320.)



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