Monday, August 04, 2008

Re: "Merely Resurrected"

(Amended August 4, 2008.)

Shit! I didn't realize...

From the Heavy Psych website:


TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. "Merely Resurrected" is SOLD OUT
Hanson, Blossoming Noise, & Tochnit Aleph have some copies, read a review of the tape here. Thank you for the huge support...if you have yet to receive a package..please be patient, I have a stack I still need to send out. Just been super busy.


Alex said...


Medjoub said...

Got my copy; two, actually -- one for me and one for a nice, nice friend. "resurrected" is a flamethrower, hasn't left the deck.

so what's the deal with the Teenage Whore tape? is that one in oblivion?

ommyth said...

Hey Alex - check your Gmail.

Medjoub, many thanks!

Dunno about the Teen Whore tape - I sent the artwork off six or seven months ago, and thought it'd be in the decks of listeners by now.

(I haven't really checked, to be honest. It takes four to six weeks for me to make a tape for a label, and by the time I'm done with 'em, I erase the project from my mind and move on.)

Ultimately, your guess is as good as mine!



To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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