Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New! TLASILA/Harshcore Split CD3!

Hi Again,

Just received a box of our new split 3" CD with Italian freak-scene stalwarts Harshcore. Released by the fine Dokuro label, and featuring sleeve design by the always sterling Merlo, this Piemontese/Pazzi convulsion awaits your collusion...

A hearty (and mask-muffled) salute to H'core! Your track is excellent, gents...

Released in a limited edition of 70 and on sale NOW!

For this recording, TLASILA was:

Ben Wolcott (oscillator), Rat Bastard (electronics), Gaybomb (magnetic card reader), Graham Moore (electronics), and TS (voice, manipulations, mix and production).

(Above, the outer sleeve, as illustrated by Merlo.)

(The TLASILA half of the inner sleeve, again by Merlo.)

(And Harshcore's interior fold, also inked by Merlo.)


bruitiste said...

Got it yesterday! (Bravo for the super fast shipping from Dokuro, btw.) After gleefully extracting it from my mailbox and ripping the package open (and nearly mutilating my hand with a tack that was holding said package together, in my carelessness), I popped it in for a first listen... and what started as "huh? is this right?" then became pure delight. I really didn't expect this, and though history has shown that one should always expect some surprising turn of events from TLASILA, I was again baffled and amazed. Thumbs sky high!

ommyth said...

Big ol' red-faced humility emoticons here, bruitiste! Many thanks for your very kind mutilated hand! ;)

And how about that Harshcore track?



bruitiste said...

It was also quite good! Apologies for not mentioning it above, I was still a bit reeling from your track so I'll need further listens to get a better handle on it. But it definitely flowed well and was a proper fit for this release.

ommyth said...

Sorry if it seemed as though I was fishing for H'core compliments - I was merely remarking on the quality of their track. We shared a bill with them in Torino -- they're super-nice dudes, utterly committed to their music, but they were also doing the costumed/goofball thing, which I've never been a fan of (here noting and admitting to the glam-otic excesses of the '99 TLASILA tour). Their half of the split demolished any biases to which I may have foolishly clung.

Hope all is well,


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