Friday, September 26, 2008

Back-Lit Cibachrome Again?

VA - Highlights of Vortex

(1959, Folkways Records FSS 6301 LP, out of print.)


01 David Talcott - Trilogy
02 Henry Jacobs - Chan
03 William Loughborough - For the Big Horn
04 Henry Jacobs - Logos
05 Henry Jacobs - Rhythm Study No. 8
06 Gordon Longfellow - Notes on the History of a World Pt.3
07 David Talcott - Loop No.3
08 Henry Jacobs - Electronic Kabuki Mambo
09 Gordon Longfellow - 350-2



The Vortex project began in 1957 under the sponsorship of Berkeley, CA, radio station KPFA and the California Academy of Sciences, and the music it created was played at shows in San Francisco's Morrison Planetarium, where 38 speakers could help simulate sound as a moving entity. Then it must have sounded futuristic, but to later generations this recording of highlights from the pieces used might sound relatively primitive. That's not just because of the more basic technological level of 1950s instruments, but also because stereo recording can't hope to simulate the surround sound of 38 speakers. Here the sound-in-action simulation is limited to volume swells, fades, and travel between the mere two speakers that are standard hardware for most home audio systems. Still, these are interesting avant-garde experiments in their own right -- far more avant-garde when listened to in isolation than as accompaniment for a planetarium show -- that use eerie combinations of percussive noises, electronics, distortion, and loops to create a creepy sci-fi atmosphere...


(68.1 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl. It was reissued in 2002 on CD as - unfortunately - Electronic Kabuki Mambo, but the 49-year-old grooves presented herein grope and flutter in a far more interesting manner...)


(New link, posted 17 May 10.)


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dearest ts, kindly repost this monster so i may have better bits with which to listen. eye only found this palace of wisdom you've so lovingly manifested mere moments ago but aye owlready feel a certain kinship. have no other recourse than to expose u to scrutiny by linkin u from me own fledgling bloggy endeavor thingy. seaya in the winderness ~

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