Monday, September 08, 2008

The Box Swells Inordinately...

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Or, at least my research for it has. Refusal, our forthcoming, two-part, four-disc box on Menlo Park Recordings, may as well be allowed to balloon, as I've just burned the 37th DVD-R of archival material in preparation for its assembly. At 400 minutes per data disc, mindful of the mean 74-minute running time allowed for most full-length CDs, we have a 200-disc box at the ready. (Which represents less than 15% of our archived output, with a majority of the tapes thus far transferred coming from 1990-1995!) As usual, I have overreached, but there is a hellacious selection from which to pluck previously released obscurities, field recordings of culs-de-sac, and flat-out WTFuckery.

In the burn folder at present:

POI - Spatters of a Royal Sperm Instrumental Masters (18 Nov 92)
POI - Spatters of a Royal Sperm Rough Mixes (9 & 25 Nov 92)
TLASILA - Live, Churchill's, Miami (7 July 94)
TLASILA - Live, Churchill's, Miami (25 Aug 94)
TLASILA - Live, Gallery Film House, Ybor City, FL (12 Aug 95)
TLASILA - Rat vs. The Shadow Ring (13 Aug 95)

Only seven more cassettes to transfer, and then the selection process begins...

Kisses and Cold Sugary Porridge,


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