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Earloss vs. Einparken...

Peach of Immortality - The Best MUX!*

(1986, Adult Contemporary Recordings ACR008 C-46, edition of 24, out of print.)

The last cassette issued on ACR, Best MUX! documented six of POI's most anarchic and acerbic performances from the January 1986 "Fuck Sky Bear Tour" with Pussy Galore.

Peach became a quartet in November 1985, but during the FSB trip the full ensemble only performed two of the eighteen completed dates - January 2nd at d.c. space in Washington, and on the 4th (as documented on the tape) in Greensboro, NC. The majority of Lowell and Mark's parts were overdubbed three months later at our dank rehearsal basement in the Maryland suburbs. (Lowell had punched a police officer and taken his fucking gun away from him late in '85, and was thus in a bit of hot water with the authorities.) He missed the remainder of the tour (as did Mark, who at 17 years of age was too young to share a van with Peach/Pussy reprobates), and through an extraordinary lapse of judicial oversight managed not to serve time. Luck always seemed to be on Mr. Ginsberg's side...

Mike Green (Boat Of, Miss High Heel, The Fans, Wyfe, Her Hair Jelly, et al.) brought his then-revolutionary Apple IIe computer to WREK and performed live with Jared and I. Smokin'.

(The original artwork for Best MUX! At least half of the copies sold went out with handwritten covers and credits, however.)


Side A

01 10 Jan 86 (Ca Chapel, Tallahassee, FL) (5:36)

02 13 Jan 86 (Wuxtry Records, Birmingham, AL) (6:09)

03 8 Jan 86 (WREK-FM, Atlanta, GA) (10:34)

Side B

04 12 Jan 86 (W.C. Don's, Jackson, MS) (5:22)

05 4 Jan 86 (Nightshade, Greensboro, NC) (10:20)

06 7 Jan 86 (Uptown Lounge, Athens, GA) (7:42)


Jared Hendrickson - guitar
Lowell Ginsberg - bass
Mark Shellhaas - signal processing
Tom Smith - tape


Mike Green on 3 - computer

Mixed by TS at the LG Bunker, Rockville, MD, April 1986.


(104 MB, ripped from the one extant unsold copy at 320.)



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*As in multiplexer, a device that aggregates disparate signals into one discrete output. That was POI in a shattered, asbestos-slathered nutshell...

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