Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rope Cosmetology: The Other Dead Meat...


As some of you may have surmised, we'll be pulling the plug on TLASILA in 2010 and celebrating our twenty-year, uphill fucking struggle with a lengthy tour that should take us to most continents and a helluva lot of countries. (Antartica is still in play if we can swing an invite from a research outpost.) In the meantime, yours truly is motorbikin' on two Euro fronts: Ohne is at work on a new album (our first studio compendium since the 2002 Mego release Ohne 1), and in anticipation of my move to Germany, I've formed the group Rope Cosmetology with TLASILA's Balazs Pándi, saxophonist Feri Kovács (who's as mad as a goddamned hat factory), and my former Peach of Immortality co-anchor Tim Lane Seaton. Balazs joined the Shave in late 2007 and saw action during the fourteen-nation April-May jaunt. Feri is a long-time veteran of the Budapest improv scene and has toiled in exquisite obscurity for ages. Tim and I met in 1988 in front of Atlanta's much-mourned Blast-Off Video, and thereafter devoted three years to the (ultimately unreleased) Taxi zum Shoah album. We recently played together in LA; as soon as our set ended we knew we had to reboot the partnership.

We already have a MySpazz profile and an offshore blogging concern. Check back as often as you dare for the requisite updates. Feri and Balazs are recording new material in Budapest this weekend for the debut Ropecosm release. (Tim has already recorded a brace of booming baaaaad-assss bass tracks.) As soon as I arrive in Hannover we'll begin organizing our first Euro tour. Herr Seaton will join us for rehearsals in Hungary, and the fun will begin anew...

Balazs frequently performs with Otto Von Schriach and Venetian Snares, and in 2007 ripped it up with Autechre. He's one cool motherfucker. Here's BP's new promo pic for all things Otto:

And here's a video of Feri (he's the long-haired dude) that often flashes through the whites of discerning Hungarian orbs:

And here's a photo of an ill-tempered duo taken in Atlanta in mid-1989. I'm sarcastic on the left, while Tim slowly burns on the right. The image appeared in a Your Flesh profile ca. '99...

We hope to play for all ya'll, and sooner than later.



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