Thursday, September 25, 2008

Introduced Pubic Hair to the Loft Scene...

(Amended November 19, 2010.)

Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor - Apple Cores

(1978, Philly Jazz 1004 LP, out of print.)

Epochal. Staple it to your forehead...


Side 1

01 Apple Cores (7:41)
02 Past Perfect Tense (9:24)
03 One Up, One Down (4:34)

Side 2

04 New York Maze (18:32)
05 Applebuff (6:50)



Sunny Murray - drums
Abdul Zahir Batin - flute, whistles, percussion
Hamiet Bluiett - bass
Arthur Blythe - alto saxophone
Sonny Brown - drums
Frank Foster - soprano saxophone
Fred Hopkins - bass
Oliver Lake - alto saxophone
Cecil McBee - bass
Don Pullen - piano
Monnette Sudler - guitar
Jimmy Vass - alto saxophone
Youseff Yancy - trumpet, flugelhorn, theremin, various electro-acoustical sound manipulation devices

Recorded at Blank Tapes Studio, NYC, January 1, 1978.


(107 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original vinyl.)


(Re-upped by request.)


Between these gestures,



gesualda said...

I had this, I loved this

long lost vinyl sunny murray

any chance of a new rapidshare link?

or something?

cheers, sue.

ommyth said...

Hello Sue,

I'll check to see if I have it on one of my hard drives here in Deutschland. If so, I'll be happy to re-post it for you.

Many thanks for writing!



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