Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lampreys' Gills 'n' Acid...

Peach of Immortality - Live, WCVT-FM, Towson State University, Towson, Maryland (25 May 87)

We were dosed, as usual, but despite frayed synapses we pulled off one of our best broadcast sessions. For the WCVT recording, Mark played guitar and rudely tweaked the effects racks. Lowell's work on bass was as faultless as his soul was perforated. I sliced through a stack of Bartók C-90s, and the sound of the session resonates in my (primarily) blotter-free mind to this day.

(POI, captured in the Rockville rehearsal dungeon a few days before the session. L to R: Mark Shellhaas, Lowell Ginsberg, and yours truly, hoisting the bass drum head.)

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01 08 (11:36)

02 09 (6:28)

03 10 (7:07)

04 11 (6:52)

05 12 (13:55)

Lowell Ginsberg - bass and treatments
Mark Shellhaas - guitar and signal processing
Tom Smith - tape manipulation

Recorded direct to stereo cassette by a now-forgotten WVCT engineer.


Restored from the original master by TS at Telemundo Studios, Hialeah, FL, February 1993.

Remastered 8 Sept 08 at HQ by TS.


(105 MB, ripped @ 320.)





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PMX said...

couple things...

super awesome

pic is so awesome, I'm experiencing rare sadness due to rapidshare file expiration :(

plus you mentioned WCVT Towson, the single greatest radio station ever to exist. ever. WTMD's takeover holds rank as one of the top 10 most devastating events in my life.

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