Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neurasthenics Trump Calisthenics...

The second installment in our Greg Chapman, Greatness Be Thy Name series:

Frown - Live at PKN Stock 3

(1995, no label, no matrix number, unknown edition, deleted upon release.)

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No personnel or technical credits listed, but Greg probably played guitar, a keyboard, and summoned loops from gloomy Jersey redoubts. As for others, I await the word of the creator...


01 Untitled (19:37)

Recorded live on WPKN, 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT, February 26, 1995.

Remastered by TS at Western Blot on September 22, 2008.


(45.7 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original cassette.)



Pest Strip,



Anonymous said...

Is there a lot of recordings by Greg Chapman? The Quim Gremlin set in" Tarot or Aorta" was great too.
All the best!

Curt said...

Nice! I was there at PKN Stock '95 and witnessed part of Frown's set, though I was looking in from outside the University of Bridgeport classroom/makeshift studio where they played.

All I remember was that they were loud as shit, and muffled somewhat by the walls. Now from this mix I can savor all the frequencies that I missed. Kudos to Davo from WPKN (and at the time, the Bunnybrains) who ran the whole show. That's him speaking at the end of the set.

Tom, thanks so much for this and all the great stuff on your blog (I've been reading since the beginning).

ommyth said...

Anon., there are a fuckload of recordings by Master C, and he has authorized me to polish and post a selection of our mutual favorites.

More rarities are on the way!

Hello Curt! You're one of the lucky few... Congrats on actually having seen Frown live! (And cheers for identifying Davo.)

Many thanks for your kind words.



davo said...

Davo hear..... Glad y'all enjoy the Frown set.This really went under the radar, but just so you know- this is an album called "wallghost" by Frown, on Stateless Records,po box 40734,Providence,Rhode Island 02940.
email= statelessrecords@home.net
I have no idea if the label is still intact. good luck!
as for frown-Greg had recently interviewd Bunnybrains for the Uglyamerican zine-and in the process,I invited him to come play on the all day/night live broadcast. they showed up minus their drummer, but one of their entourage(i ferget her name) sat in,never having played before. Frown was the last act,hit at like,1:40 Am,and I had to cut them at 1, cuz the next show wouldnt relinquish any time, so it was a bad ending!
thing was I was mixing thru a crappy system, so I made the executive decision to TOTALLY fuck up the sound by sliding all the volumes to MAXIMUM.......
We all liked the result:)
Greg-if yer out their,I hope yer doing better!
ps-thanks for the heads up,Curt!

Edward III said...

now that we cleared up the imp rape kerfluffle here's the dope on frown:

greg chapman - gtr
ed sullivan - gtr/sampler
daneil mazone - drums
davo - soundboard shredder

100% improv noise intervention

stateless records is long defunct, but if you need those divine frequencies track down the CD, kiddies


david thomas said...

Could you reupload this please :-)?

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

(Click for full-sized image.)