Monday, September 15, 2008

RIP Rick Wright...

Damn... Well, anyone who knows the history of The Pink Floyd understands that they didn't always suck, that they once evidenced a tenuous sort of greatness, and that Richard Wright was a fine keyboardist. Sad that you're gone, sir.

(Rick's sitting with his hands on later nemesis Roger Waters' back, to the right (your left) of Syd Barrett. To the left (your right) of Waters is Nick Mason, who produced Robert Wyatt's stunning second solo album Rock Bottom, and The Damned's too-frequently maligned sophomore LP Music for Pleasure after the group couldn't get hold of the long-incapacitated Syd...)

After 1971 or thereabouts, all bets are of course off, but prior to bloat and ignomy...

The John Peel tribute blog Perfumed Garden has the Floyd's August 11, 1968 BBC session posted here. (And features David Glimour, Mr. Barrett's de facto replacement, on guitar.) To my ears, this is what they were all about. The Syd years constitute a separate and wholly other paradigm, infinite magnitudes betwixt and beyond the turgid dross of Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, The Wall, et al.





a grey angel said...

When I read about his death earlier today, all I could think was "one more thing to be depressed about." I think I have listened to Pink Floyd all my life. I didn't really get into pre-Meddle Pink Floyd until I was older, so I won't hide that I loved the fat long before I fell for the meat. It saddens me that I will never get to see them live. The last time they pulled through Georgia was on the 94' tour, and alas my Uncle didn't take me along for the ride. Listened to Dark Side and Meddle earlier today, think I will end the day with Wish You Were Here. Shine on.

ommyth said...

Thanks for presenting the other, darker side (forgive) of the equation, P. 'Tis a sad day, regardless. Methinks a few Lehman Brothers traders leapt to their deaths today in the wake of their firm's bankruptcy and the precipitous Dow tumble after having listened to Division Bell on their ruby-encrusted Nanos...


kingpossum said...

A friend described Mr. Wright as an "elegant" musician and that seems appropriate. His presence in this world will be sorely missed indeed.

Those Lehman guys on the other hand, maybe not so much.

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