Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doomsday for Stupids? (At Last?)

Hello Again,

I've become far too irritated by this death slog of a campaign -- the morning of November 5th can't come soon enough. Senator Obama is so obviously superior to the jowly old dude yelling at clouds, and Senator Biden is fucking Pythagoras compared to the presumably demon-free sperm glutton... Can't the Park Service dispatch a black arts operative to anesthetize and relocate McCancer and MILFlin back to Buckskin Mountain, or Kachemak, or Mosul, or the Einstein Cross quasar? I've had my fill of Hee Haw -- it's time for Horrors of Malformed Men, for a point of view mediated not by corrosive bromides but the surreality of truth in its tortured (and thus comforting) excrescence...

Our Gangsta Lean:

Rat was always the odd man out, at least politically - he likes Limbaugh, Savage, wingnut radio in general. (What could one do?) Ben's far more circumspect than either al-Falestra or myself, but I suspect he's a leftie. Me? I'm a fucking commie. Fleming, Morgan, Hussein-Grier, Graham, all liberal. Gaybomb professed support for Hillary during the primaries, and I doubt he'll be recording any Califone ditties for McDead. Balazs and Sickboy are EU residents, and thus cannot take part, but they seem to regard Obama as the man, and Sidney as putative douche-in-chief. Patrick Spurlock? O/B. Mark Shellhaas and Kelly Jamison? On the fence, maybe. (I'm obviously uncertain. Guys? A clarification?) Nandor is probably voting a straight Wiccan ticket. And I'm going out on a limb here and guessing Misty will pull the level for the Senator from Illinois. Weasel? Dunno - I've often caught a whiff of that "I refuse to vote" smoke from Herr Walter, but perhaps I was detecting MHC molecules, post-blasbeat, wafting from his pits. Thurston? Granola, one of us. Andrew? He'll be an ambassador someday...

Post-blather analysis: Obama was found to have handily won the 49th debate. Less than three weeks to go... Hope to celebrate in the streets of Hannover with the Cool Palm! (Or wrench out my hair, one follicle at a time, should disaster befall Die Heimat.)

(Either way, I'll post pix...)

Stay focused,



bruitiste said...

I sincerely do hope that Obama wins this. Up here in Canada, we had an election Tuesday and we're stuck with Stephen Harper from the Conservative party again. Now granted, he's nowhere near as awful as McCain, and I can't think of a single Canadian political party (that has a serious chance in the runnings) that's even close to being as right-leaning as the Republicans, but it's still pretty depressing. The only positive from the election is that the Conservatives (still) don't have a majority of the seats, so they're prevented from ruining things completely.


a grey angel said...

O/B? I guess that means Obama, not Orange2Blue, Old-Boy, One-Baby, Oracle-Banker,On Board, infinitum. Well On-Board is fine I guess...I hope there is free beer for being in this party wagon.

My Hopes are that McCorpse will fade away and retire after all this is over. I hope Palin is the nominee in 2012, because if she is the same woman that she is today in 4 years, I will sleep safely knowing that I will be treated to 4 more years of my President, Barack Obama.

On a side-note, god bless Al-Jazeera, but jesus-christ!!!

ommyth said...

O/B = Obama Biden!

ommyth said...

I hope so too, Bruno! Can't trust shit until November 5th. Until then, we cross our webbed hands and cloven hooves...

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