Monday, November 17, 2008

As Adorno Penned His Definitive Leyton Buzzards Bio...

Late Friday evening marked a pair of firsts -- a solo reconnoitering of Hannover (ohne Kompass oder GPS, and far easier than I imagined), and an inaugural recording session (at Pit Noack's palatial home studio).

I've known Pit since April, and it's been good to reconnect with him. The original plan was for me to drop by and track vocals for the collab I'm doing with Aaron Dilloway and Mark Morgan, but as AD's been late in getting the files to me (easy to understand, considering he's a relatively new dad and a very busy cat), Pit and I decided to forge ahead with our own collaborative project instead.

Pit's forte is sound management - his installations have at times comprised fifteen tape machines, each with a discrete, custom-made loudspeaker sculpture, and he's well versed in both static and kinetic sonic architecture. For first our session, we recorded live to four-track; Herr N tweaked files on his MacBook and manipulated tapes on three cassette machines, each, again, with its own speaker-pillow. I sang the lyrics of "Bluebeard Gave the Key to His Wife," a song I'd written with Andrew W.K. in 2005.

We did two lengthy takes, then broke for dinner. The next session should prove to be just as revealing. Processes unfolded, strategies emerged...


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