Thursday, November 27, 2008

Confab re: Cortege v3.0...


Hey... Just after midnight here. Listened to "Bright Lights," "Flattering," "Rodent," and "Cortege." The mixes are all excellent. You do things I wouldn't think to do, and that excites me... The songs as tracked at Think Tank are in their absolute nascence, so I'm still fairly embarrassed by them -- my vocals are particularly erratic -- but that rawness also suggests the sort of laceration brought on by a sudden loss or similar social shock. That you've crafted a plausible narrative undercurrent from the mad dross we slapped down in haste is extremely comforting. Wish you could have seen the Euro crew tear through the material -- the songs absolutely came to life on tour... Stillborn though it may have been, you've managed to breathe new life into the album...

Did you add a new guitar part to "Flattering"? If so, I approve...


good, glad you are liking it. it was actually really fun to mix. i didn't add anything, just moved shit around a lot. most of my guitar parts were crap, so i usually just pulled a few good seconds and repeated it a few times. "flattering" was one of the only ones that i had a decent part throughout, just moved misty to fit into the right spaces. and created a recurring loop of you singing "hell" with one of ben's parts. i really think your vocals are great, i wanted them front and center in the mixes with everything else in support. did manage to get everyone who played into various mixes, but stripped away tons of dreck. i like it in the order it's in as well. i made two versions of "bright lights," calling the first 1.0 - "fur piece" - it's meant to be more of a prelude.

lemme know when you've had a chance check it all out.

- df

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kingpossum said...

Awesome. Bring the noise. And Happy Thanksgiving to the expat in Hannover.


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