Friday, November 21, 2008

Quantity X bei Dreharbeiten zu "Das alte Gewehr 2"...

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Vixens of the Mortal Ring

(1998, Spite Recordings Spite 28 C-90, edition of 50, out of print.)

This is the last of the early-period TLASILA cassettes to be uploaded. Enjoy, if you're able to tolerate the ragged tonalities and brazenly inconsistent production values therein...


Side A (44:46)

The Laurel Tree, London, England (18 Feb 98)

01 Soundcheck
02 Veit Harlan, Brown Dress Bob
03 Demons Hip Naltrexone with Sick

Instants Chavires, Montreuil (Paris), France (24 Feb 98)

04 Lord When I Die Please Don't Let Me Leave Behind an Unfinished Task

Microgroove Studio, Decatur (Atlanta), GA (25 Nov 97)

05 From Withers to Belly Line (version)

Dottie's, Atlanta, GA (21 Jan 97)

06 Kopenhagen Lounge

Astrocade, Philadelphia, PA (28 Oct 96)

07 I What Dampness Did

Side B (44:47)

Firehouse Recorders, Los Angeles, CA (26 Apr 96)

08 Premonitory for the Premonition

The Attic, El Paso, TX (24 Apr 96)

09 He-Head the Police Obtain

Churchill's, Miami (29 Feb 96)

10 Bloated Unnnnhhhh-Ass Hard
11 Spasming Cunt Powerful His
12 Her-His Frantically Hips

The Zipperhead Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (12 July 95)

13 When My Rifle Went Sour with Preposterous Headdress

Churchill's, Miami (27 Apr 95)

14 Displaced by Double Bed



Tom Smith (1-14), Rat Bastard (1-4, 6-14), and Ben Wolcott (5, 7-14)


Billy Taylor, Greg Chapman and Nandor Nevai (1-3)
Andy Bolus (5)
Fred Ware III (7)

Recorded, mixed and produced by TS 1995-1998.


(223 MB, ripped @ 320 from the original Spite C-90; hi-res artwork scans are included.)

Part 1 / Part 2


Dr. Mabuse is watching you,



bruitiste said...

Joy! Been looking for that one for ages. Much appreciated. Big thanks as always.


ommyth said...

You're welcome, B. Always awesome to hear from you!



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