Monday, December 29, 2008

Lisboa > Pix Dia 3...

CP and I took Electrico 28 (which stops directly in front of our door every few minutes, often so packed with tourists and bemused locals that with each lurch and bump the squashed passengers move as one gelatinous form) to the end of the line. From there, it was a 50 meter walk to the gates of the stupefyingly cool Prazeres Cemetery -- the Cemetery of Pleasure.

Organic decay, skull sculptures, evidence of blatant grave plundering -- a trove of imagery sufficient to keep Death in June and Wolf Eyes in album sleeves well into the 666th Century...

(Photo by Claudia Franke.)

(Claudia also took this photo - a fantastic composition, if I do say so myself. The tomb plunderers responsible will surely visit Hell for this desecration, or at least be soon stuck in the third row at a Scorpions concert...)


Happy Birthday, Mom!


TS, Lisboa

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