Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Und Frohe Weihnachten von Tom und Claudia!

(Claudia reclines before Xmas Eve dinner at her mum's...)

(Gifts are exchanged - a hand-crafted calendar for Claudia, cognac-filled marzipan treats for me...)

(The tree - no electric lights allowed...)

(The image clutter around the intercom at Steffi's, a designer friend - we examined an analog camera at her flat, but decided not to take it with us. Tomorrow, we leave for Berlin, then Lisbon on the morning of the 26th for five weeks... Come visit!)

Happy New Year!



kingpossum said...

Hey Tom,
Best wishes this holiday season. Thanks so much for the posts, the art, the music, and whatever else one could call this stuff you do and what you post. The movie torrent captures are incredible. Thanks. The music/sounds, indescribable, of course.

Do you call yourself an ex-pat? I'm guessing not. A world citizen, perhaps, as we all should be.

Whatever, thank you for the stuff you do and the joy it brings my life. I'm glad to have found TLASILA and all it entails.

Peace and love and all like that,


Oh, and I remain envious that you live in Europe and I don't! Thanks for the winter photos of Hannover.

ommyth said...

Merry Xmas KP!

Here's hoping you and yours are sparkling, waist-deep in luxurious seasonal overkill.

An ex-pat? Definitely. Frankly, I'd had enough. But I'm so absurdly American that I'll never likely be able to seamlessly blend. No matter - alles ist gut.

Cheers for all your kind comments and exhortations.

Best in the fast-approaching New Year!


bruitiste said...

Thanks for the kind message following my KSV order.
Season's greetings from snowy Quebec, Canada!


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