Saturday, January 10, 2009

New and Forthcoming Releases: January 2009 Update!

(Amended January 12, 2009.)

Hello Everyone,

I'm still in Lisbon with the CP - I can definitely imagine living here permanently. The beauty of the city, the depth of its cultural heritage (conquests by the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and roving mobs of Gene Loves Jezebel enthusiasts), and the crazed positivity of its people are enthralling and seductive. Beats the Hell out of Lake Worth, Florida...

Apologies for being late with the new release update. Let's get to it. (I promise to add images after returning from my errands.) (On returning from running errands, we discovered that our building's phone and Internet had gone down. It's now the afternoon of the 12th, and no one in the building has reported any change. So, photo updates are rather dicey until service - and I don't include the bandwidth I'm currently poaching from a nearby flat - is restored.)

Here are the forthcoming and newly-issued recordings:

TLASILA - Each Day Vomits Its Tomorrow

EDVIT Tapes C-60

Rescued from the wreckage of the Teenage Whore label...



TLASILA - Les poisons délectables

Tanzprocesz C-30



VA - Brains on Backwash

905 Tapes C-92

(TLASILA contributed the track "October Sledges Overhand.")



VA - Skyskip (1995-2008)

Menlo Park Recordings (Internet-only compilation)

(The TLASILA tracks are "Song of Roland a Single Corkscrew Curl" and "Mothers Over Silverpoint." There's also a track from the Memories of Underdevelopment album.)

EMusic & Amazon, and iTunes (look for it on their search engine).



TLASILA - Shorty Tapes 9

Middle James Co. C-30

(Live at The Underground, Hamilton, Ontario, 3 Sept 2006.)



TLASILA / Lezet - The Wigmaker in 18th Century Williamsburg Revisited

Ambolthue Records CDR

TLASILA neither performed nor provided production assistance on this new recording - Igor (Lezet) asked if he could re-edit/re-work/mashup the songs on "Wigmaker," and and I gave him my permission. The Ambolthue release should have ideally been billed as "Lezet vs. TLASILA," but it's too late to moan about it now...



TLASILA / Demonologists - Split C90

Hung Like a Horse?! Records


(Beware - these guys are apparently taking ages to fill orders.)


TLASILA / Al Qaeda - Split 7"

Heavy Psych Records

(Our track is "Illiquidity Study C.")



TLASILA - The Grief That Shrieked to Multiply (2xCD)

Monotype Records

Two-disc compilation featuring 28 international artists remixing previously-unissued TLASILA material. Includes submissions by Thee Majesty, RLW, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Alexi Borisov, Duran Duran Duran, Otto Von Schirach, Larsen, Sudden Infant, Anton Nikkila, and others.

Important Records asked for the album initially and was scheduled to release it, but of late they've run into money problems and were unable to send it into production.

(Either that, or they didn't want to release a double set with mixes by both 16 Bitch Pileup and Weasel Walter...)



TLASILA - Épuration (CD)

Roggbif Records

All new full-length CD, recorded 2008.



TLASILA - The Cortege

Uncertain if this will feature Don Fleming's mix, Rat Bastard's "rock" mix, a combination of both, or what. Graham Moore is in charge of this one.



TLASILA - Refusal (2XCD)

Menlo Park Recordings

Two-disc retrospective spanning 1990 to 2009.



Tom Smith & Kevin Drumm - Reconquer Sleep or Disappear (CD)

Five years in the making (yeah, another one - I do these albums in parallel, y'know), this collaboration will either kill everyone, or piss them all off, or both.

Savage Land Records



TLASILA - Commiiinnggg! and Practis'd the Black Art

First legitimate release of this infinitely delayed album recorded in 1996 by Tom Van Dyke at the Firehouse, Los Angeles. Remixed and remastered by yours truly.

Savage Land Records

LATE 2009


Maude - First Single

I'll be shopping this around soon. Maude is a duo comprising Mark Morgan (Sightings, et al) and Tom Smith (that'd be me). The sessions were recorded in NYC in 2007 by fellow Shavian associate Patrick Spurlock, and were whittled down to a pair of three-minute pieces in late '08 pour moi.



And, if you please, let's not forget the first five releases on my new label, Karl Schmidt Verlag:

KSV 001 TLASILA - Konstriktion und Narzissmus

KSV 002 Analog Suicide / Hull Curve - Live at Pit's Salon

KSV 003 Brüning/Schuhmacher/Schmidt - Extrakte und Deformationen

KSV 004 Tom Smith - Limmerstrasse Vol. 1

KSV 005 Tom Smith & Pit Noack - Lange Pause, dann noch eine Zigarette



That's it for now. I'll add pix later.

Boa Tarde,

Tom, Alfama, Lisboa


bruitiste said...

Cool stuff. Although, I don't wanna be a jerk about this, but for anyone else out there: buyer beware if you're dealing with the Hung like a Horse label. I ordered (and paid for) a couple of tapes (including, of course the TLASILA/Demonologists split) back in July and still have received nothing. Even after numerous e-mail exchanges with the label, claiming the package was out soon, mailed the next day, on its way, should have been there, mailing it out again tomorrow, etc., I haven't received a single thing. I've been really patient, but I think this is too much and I don't buy the excuses anymore.
I have no idea if anyone else has experienced these problems with them, but draw your own conclusions and be careful.

Speaking of tape labels... Each Day Vomits its Tomorrow still has not seen release on the Teenage Whore imprint. Soon?


ommyth said...

Hello Bruno,

Yes, I agree completely with the complaint about Hung Like a Horse - I haven't received copies myself, and I and fellow Shavelings seem to be one of the two artists featured on the fucking tape! It's mega-annoying, to mutter the least...

Caution is the byword regarding the somnambulant staff at HLaH.

Each Day was plucked from the wreckage of Teenage Whore (apparently in stasis since last summer) and is set for rescue shortly. I'll add the info to the post ASAP.

Your latest order is in the post, by the way!



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