Monday, February 16, 2009

Intimate Diary of a Working Schnook...

I teach English to managerial and clerical workers at various corporate behemoths in Lower Saxony. Rising with the civilians will take some getting used to - to arrive on time for my first class today I had to wake at 5:30, board a tram at 6:25, and then a train at a quarter past seven. Infinitive, past present, past participle, drink drank drunk, again and again. It's good to be forced to defend one's mother tongue...


Up with the jackdaws,


1 comment:

mikeyYeda said...

yes, i'm still trying to get used to waking at 6 in the morn myself. i'm a skills trainer for a high school kid with autism and moderate retardation. been workin with the special needs kids. but damn i hate wakin up early.

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