Sunday, February 08, 2009

Two Decades of Wasted Effort Coming to Woeful Fruition!

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No less than two discs, possibly as many as five. Probably no DVD. As comprehensive as the time allotted allows, but lean, mean, and factual. No errant hagiography, no foul pustule unexamined...

I can't see it being released before 2010, but a late 2009 liftoff is still within the realm of the semi-probable. I neither need nor want to rush it. In this instance, slower is better, and I'm sure that Menlo Park understand this more profoundly than anyone.

You'll have everything, from the original 1990 demos (excerpts from each of the four May-July cassettes), the 1991-1993 sessions (including the very first pre-Miami studio tests, crazed home recordings, and edit experiments), all of Spatters of a Royal Sperm, bits from My Limp Went Husserl on Me, most of Prostitution Heute!, a honey-glazed chunk pried from the still savory, million-hour larder of previously unreleased live material from the Smith/Bastard/Wolcott trio's 1994-1996 heyday, scads of Wigmaker outtakes, a portion of the abandoned Tony Conrad, Fat-Ass album, a section devoted to the two TLASILA 2s, TLASILA 3, Born in East L.A., TLASILA 1975, and last year's TLASILA 666, more than you can imagine from various '97-'08 subterranean forays, low-fidelity concert transcriptions, hastily organized and unfathomably tweaked radio sessions, and madness, always blood-flecked madness... Basically, one delicious autopsy after another, and then the "hits" from all the official TLASILA releases, from 30-mm to the final 2010 studio release, circling back again to the May 1990 demos, and terminus...

Essayists have been selected to pen contextual analyses and shocking, tell-all reminiscences; one or two photographs will likely accompany their texts.

Keep your lids peeled!




bruitiste said...

As a fan, that's pretty much all I'd ever want to hear in a retrospective, and then some. Looking forward to it!


kingpossum said...

Beyond mega. Action figures to be sold separately?

kingpossum said...

Beyond mega. Action figures sold separately?

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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