Monday, April 27, 2009

Late, But Never Never!

The most recent rash of Karl Schmidt Verlag orders has been delivered to Deutsche Post and should be on the wing to Your Hometown, A Nation, Earth. Apologies again to those of you who were wringing hands and plucking nose hairs with pliers in anticipation, but a certain new cabal's daisy-cutter detonation runs blasted the balance of my free time to Svartalfheim. Sufferers will find a free bonus disc (KSV021, Rope Cosmetology's Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité, recorded at the group's debut Paris performance on April 3 and not otherwise available, unless you were at the Silke Arp Bricht show on April 11!) inside their padded bags o' swag...

New releases on the way soon!

Vielen Dank,


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