Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RIP Marilyn Chambers...

Damn... It's very sad to learn of Ms. Chambers' death. As a sexual performer -- at least when she was in her prime -- she was shockingly feral. I saw Insatiable (and Insatiable 2!) with my friend Amy Capen at a fetid (and long-since razed) DC XXX-kino in the early '80s, and we were both taken aback by the ease with which she shifted into states of utter physical emancipation. Too fucking much... I followed her mainstream career for a time as well - I loved her in Cronenberg's Rabid, and even saw the lamentable Angel of H.E.A.T. at the old Ashley Cinema in Valdosta, Georgia. She could act, but she never managed to break through... When I was writing the songs for TLASILA's An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers album in August 1995 in Miami, I based the texts on pertinent chapters in Kenneth Turan's superb history of the early porn industry, Sinema, and sticky, too-frequently viewed Mitchell Brothers VHS tapes rented from an adult stuporstore in North Beach. Even today, given all we've grown accustomed to, a film like Never a Tender Moment has the capacity to astound... As she got older, she began to look more like a Montana casino cashier than a succubi, and one account of her passing indicates she died alone, in a trailer, but what the Hell, she seized the moment, and made a fecund, ever-palpitating slice of Americana -- one quickly guzzled by depressive straights and shrieking freaks from Des Moines to Abu Dabi -- all her own.

Rest in Peace...


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