Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Fire Achieved in Ahmanabad...

TLASILA - Anne Murray vs. The Cortege (Version 01)

Ruins of an ancient civilization whose denigrations have long been forgotten...


(Four tracks, 19.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Kellogg, Brown and Root,



Cross-posted text from TLASILA's MySpace blog:

Hello Again,

Sorry about the long delay between posts, approving friend requests, answering mails, etc. The Rope Cosmetology tour absorbed every minute of spare time I fleetingly possessed in last month, and after all the guys had gone their separate ways I still had to plan for my performance for the 20th anniversary party for Sudden Infant. And work. And enjoy my life with the CP here in Hannover. So, apologies again, and now, on to the new tracks!

These are cross-posted from TLASILA Blog, and feature occlusions of early Anne Murray (1971-ish) material with extracted segments from Rat Bastard's final mix of what we're all now referring to as The Cortege, Version 01. I assembled the material this morning here at KSV/TLASILA HQ. Download 'em if you like, deform them on your own time, etc. Take and eat, my lil' Christs!




Anonymous said...

When is the Cortege available for realsies?

ommyth said...

It may never be available for realsies, and a release of an ideal TLASILA version is equally doubtful. Some sort of composite approximation seems likely. It turned into such a headache... Rat's mix missed the appropriate tone, although two of the tracks were spot-on. Don's mix captured the required nuance, but ultimate the source material -- our studio performances -- were too antic for the doleful narrative. We should ideally have rehearsed the fuck out of the compositions, and I take the blame for the lapse in judgment. We needed more time working out the kinks as a group... The reworked version recorded by Graham and me nails the tone, but it just isn't TLASILA. So, there's a sadly irreparable aesthetic impasse. I'm thinking I'll re-record the whole goddamned thing eventually, but for now, The Cortege looks to be on life support...

Thanks for writing, Anon.



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