Sunday, May 03, 2009

Crush... Kill... Play Blancmange Midi Files...

On the 1st we'd intended to see Dave Phillips, G*Park, and Asmus Tietchens perform in Hamburg, but something went awry with our ride, so instead we entertained Tobias Prinz and Michael Bruns and were in turn enthralled as the former became increasingly addled by a succession of fermented beverages.

We left our flat, walked in the direction of Glocksee, and were surprised to see activity outside of Silke Arp Bricht. A formative barbeque, an open bottle, nothing too alarming. We ambled down the rickety staircase, took the right through the dim portal, and were soon startled by a rather more surprising find heaped atop the dancefloor...

Mathias Witzke is constructing a robot for his upcoming 8-Bit fest at Silke. Above, we stumble upon the mad genius and his creation. A great start to a delightful, Nazi-free afternoon...

Bis Bald,


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