Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hauron May Have Lost Five Fingers, But He Definitely Has a Point...

Hello All,

Tonight I bring you torrent deformations of one of my favorite films, Phil Tucker's Cape Canaveral Monsters. Of course, it's as threadbare an exercise as you'd dare imagine, but with a striking (albeit horribly blurred) sense of purpose. It used to give me nightmares when I watched it as a pup via the splintered, fuzzed-out (pre-cable) signal of Dothan, Alabama station WTVY, usually as part of their godamned eerie X-1 program, sort of an Outer Limits-themed deviation from the usual Creature Chiller Horror Feature weekend fare. During an amazing 30-day stretch in '62, X-1 aired War of the Colossal Beast, The Lost Missile, Invasion of the Star Creatures, and the Tucker opus, whose bit-deprived frames are assembled below...


Sleep Tight,



kingpossum said...

Wow, super creepy. Begs a Wolf Eyes/Dick Dale mashup.

ommyth said...

Closest thing to WE back in those days was the sound of television static itself... (Minus John's amusing penchant for fist-pumping, natch.) More late 50s/early 60s films had gore (subtly) embedded within their frames than the average cinephile might imagine, and Cape was one of them. Tucker was certainly no master technician, and Julia Kristeva probably wouldn't lose much sleep if a Tucker acolyte challenged her to a debate on erotic intertexuality, but he was capable of delivering oddly resonant frissons... Cool-ass film.

Thanks as always for posting, KP!



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