Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Throw in the Gorillaz and You've Got a Triptych...

From today's Times: "Matthews and Green Day Find Bonus Tracks Are Now the Norm."

There are grousers, of course.

"Not all artists are willing to go along with a retailer or cable company’s marketing strategy, however. Although few artists or managers will voice their complaints publicly for fear of retaliation, many say that retailers’ requests for content are effectively demands, and that refusal to comply can result in diminished promotion. Managers and some labels also argue that alterations to an album made on behalf of a retailer can compromise it artistically, breaking up the unity of a creative product and including material that is by definition secondary.

Here is the inadvertently ironic bukake-splooge money quote:

“'The more content you make available, the less interesting the artist becomes,' said Jeff Antebi of Waxploitation Artists, which manages Gnarls Barkley and Danger Mouse."

By all fucking means...

Oh well, by this metric, and considering our monthly tsunami of (cough) content, I reckon we're down in the sewer with Werner Peiner.

Special double flexi for all FYE purchasers of The Cortege!


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