Sunday, September 13, 2009

KSV Update: 9/13/09

Hello, dear droogs. Just a quick note to inform you that all copies of the most recent fusillade of releases (Alpha 66, Maude, Female Reggae Showcase, Katja Fregatte, and Rope Cosmetology) have been sold. Daniel at Tochnit Aleph will have a few copies of the Ropecosm and KF albums by mid-week, so if you're coming late to the trepanning, there's still time to be dissected.

A goddamned tsunami of KSV goodness is looming. I want to complete each and every one of the component tidal surges before I make the announcement, so patience, bitte.

Many thanks, much love,



bruitiste said...

Got the Rope Cosm. set yesterday but haven't had the chance to give it a spin yet. For the other recent releases at least, comments and praise are in order: I quite like the Maude disc as you already know, and the rest -- Alpha 66 is mad warble that juts out at odd angles, reminding me of old Shave material (or at least underlying elements of), which makes sense given the date it is circa of. Female Reggae Showcase is a stunner, a completely different kind of duet than the Maude disc, smashing and excellent in its own right. As for Ms. Fregatte, just wow... what kind of demented dimension does she hail from? Are there other releases? I just know that here, reading the title and trying to fathom what this would be, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear, a crazed carousel of sampled cuts zipping by at speeds that boggle. KSV, label of the year...

ommyth said...

Hello BB,

Many thanks for your kind words and generous appraisal. I'm so psyched that you're enjoying our wee lil' verlag - more chaos is on the wing!

As for Ms. Fregatte, we kind of held the door open for her and she rushed through the gap! I suppose they listen to things differently in Bulgaria... ;)

All the Best,

Tom (Karl sez hello!)

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