Friday, October 09, 2009

Hooray for Obama!

The Nobel! Fantastico!


Anonymous said...

Nobel of peace for someone sending troops to half-world... Fantastic!

ommyth said...

Normally, Herr Anon., I don't allow nameless (and grammar-challenged) comments for overtly political posts here at TLASILA Blog, but yours is an exception. Not for its meager content, but rather for its lack of critical insight. Still, the kernel of a half-baked idea you attempted to express deserves to be addressed.

President Obama inherited a complete pigfuck from his addle-brained predecessor, including the wars/occupations/invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. These actions were not Obama's doing. You know this.

A universal, single-payer health care plan for the USA (and for most of the world's still-developing nations) could likely be immediately funded from the money we've squandered from Bush's idiotic misadventures, and the blood and offal spilled (on all sides) has been for naught. The sacrifice has been meaningless. That's the brilliant legacy of Bush: nullity, death, vapidity, arrogance, waste.

Here in Europe, most people see the Nobel as not just a "fuck you" gesture to the previous American administration, but a recognition of Obama's attempts to re-establish a coherent dialogue with Islam, and a very public means to remind the president of his extraordinary responsibility to labor for the global good. Europe expects infinitely more from Obama than they did from Bush, and the Nobel will thus either be BHO's guiding light or millstone...

To address your comment head-on, I would only suggest that all troops rausaus, now... This is easier said than done, but my sincere hope is that it will be done.


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