Monday, October 26, 2009

Inching Up to the Vapor Trail...

Crazy weekend... Spoke to Evan (my son) for the first time since he was sent to Afghanistan seven months ago. I was so happy to hear his voice that I wept and sniffed and blubbered all over myself. (I'm a sentimental dope, but then you knew that.) He couldn't say much, except that he and his colleagues had "been busy." Oy-pigfucking-vey...

His stint is over in April. Got to get him over here to a biergarten, pronto. Or maybe to a decent Berlin museum. Or both, and multiples of all things calming and civil.

Claudia and I have been on a bit of a movie binge, although we seem to leave half of them unfinished - usually with only 10 minutes to go - due to fatigue. (We work a lot.) Michael Haneke's Das weiße Band (aka The White Ribbon) was stellar. Less tightly controlled, and only slightly less compelling, was Angelos Frantzis' A Dog's Dream. Our first hike through the director's oeuvre.

Just listened to the first few minutes of Aoki Takamasa's new Raster Noton album, RN Rhythm-Variations. I love it when things sound exactly as you know they'll sound long before you listen to them...

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