Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Likening New KSV Release Volleys to Ungovernable Forces of Nature Pt. 660...

Greetings from KSV Zentrum!

Karl and stooped insiders are preparing a month-long new release fiesta set to begin Friday. Gird exposed loins and open the moth-ridden vaults, because you'll want more than an arthritic handful.

On October 30th we'll be re-releasing our document of late September's sterling Silke Arp Bricht performances by frequent Caroliner contributor Core of the Coalman and Hannover improvisor Pit Noack (it sold out so quickly that even our regulars were unable to obtain it, so we're issuing a one-time-only second edition of five); at the weekend we'll also be offering the debut Atelier Grammophon performance by superb Hannoverian avant-concrète duo Generator 2 (KSV 049).

These releases will follow, accompanied by the usual nervous tics and deafening borborygmi:

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Die Fehde des Gemischs (KSV 030). Three discs. We know you've been waiting...

TS - To Which Clotted Horrors Do You Fail to Refer? (KSV 041). Fifty-plus miniatures, sung and performed by our initialed resident hierophant. Many moons in the making.

Withered Runes - Unworthy Censer (KSV 047). Relics of the late 60s Cambridge scene, fondly dismembered.

40 Berlin Versions (KSV 050). A five-hour birthday party is cross-sectioned. Consider this as a warning.

Crvi - 2 Adaptive Behaviors (KSV 051). New sounds from Split, Croatia's wormiest overlords!

And a still-unnamed album from our Romanian mastering prodigies Linda, Viola & Uwe (KSV 052)!

Plus: Tom Smith - Naturally Occurring Black Metal λόγος (KSV 044). An 80-page photo-book with accompanying CD. Strictly limited edition of ten. 45 Euro, postpaid. Once they're gone, they're gone to Norway.

And, at the beginning of December, What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz?, a hulking 10-month anniversary box containing the first 50 KSV releases, two bonus CDs, a DVD, and a poster. Limited edition of 10. 160 Euro, postpaid. Each takes a week to assemble, so if you've an interest, reserve your place in queue now!

You know where to ask and what not to wear. Avanti!



bruitiste said...

Holy Jeebus, I'm still recovering from the couple recent onslaughts... recent faves: Trunk Situ, and the 2-disc Karl Schmidt Verlag: Was du nicht wissen wolltest was especially flooring. And if Anne isn't another alias, well I'll be damned...

ommyth said...

Bonsoir Bruitiste!

Many thanks for the kind words re Gaunt Exes and the KSV comp! We're blushing...

Anne is a very nice rubberized keyring amulet, and although she usually resides in a billfold, she nonetheless manages to read all her fan mail. Shut-ins and death row prisoners are especially avid in their admiration of her craft... ;)

Hope all is well!



bruitiste said...

Obviously my brain is already suffering from frostbite, as for once I hadn't taken that descriptor literally, despite the rather telling album cover...

Cheers from chilly Quebec,

p.s. Though I singled out the two above releases as being particularly fine, no KSV release as left me unmoved; and I'd like to mention it was great hearing Mr. Chadbourne reprising his tune that appeared on the Tarot or Aorta Smack Shire comp.

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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