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Guten Abend!

Today we temporarily reissue KSV 048 (in an edition of five; hurry if you missed out the first time, as one's already been scooped up via advance order), and release KSV 049 (in a limited run of 15). Details follow...

KSV 048 Silke Arp Bricht: 29. Sep (Core of the Coalman vs. Pit Noack)

Our first and only re-press. Get it now, or do without. It's up to you!


KSV 049 Atelier Grammophon 16. Okt: Generator 2

The debut public performance of the new (and altogether superlative) improvisational duo of Joerg Hufschmidt and Andreas BrĂ¼ning. You read about them in these labyrinths earlier in the month. Listen to the preview file (containing mixed extracts from both releases) and make your move.

Andreas BrĂ¼ning - bass guitar and treatments
Joerg Hufschmidt - bowed and plucked electronics and motorized devices

01 Soundcheck 2:37
02 Interim Version 16:55
03 Complete Set 48:28

Recorded by Karl at Atelier Grammophon, Hannover, on October 16, 2009.
Edited, mixed and produced by TS at KSV HQ.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Edition of 15.

Pricing: €8.49 within the EU; €10 elsewhere. Add €1 for each additional album.


Sleep Tight,



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