Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New TLASILA Album Coming Soon...

Hello Again,

I'm writing from work, in the basement teacher's lounge, adjacent to the language library and the virtual training room. The latter cell looks more like a Guantanamo Delta Block indoctrination lab, albeit one designed by Karl Lagerfeld after a near-lethal overdose of mescaline. Plush leather recliners in an axial array, chic headphones on headrests, and blankets... Everywhere, blankets...

A new TLASILA live album, culled from the archive of the 2008 European tour, will be available soon. Titled Annihilated Valve, So..., the compendium documents our labors in Valencia, Spain. Amazing lineup, as per our aught-eight wont: Sickboy Milkplus on laptop and treatments, Balazs Pandi on percussion, Gaybomb on card readers and prepared magnetic strips, and yours post-perfect on vocals. The Discos Buen Pony label will be doing the honors, and we are indebted to Jose and his colleagues for making these magic defenestrations come to life.

More info soon...

Bis Morgen,


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