Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enlarged Ro1exeS...

(Amended 30 Nov 09.)

An action-slathered afternoon of people watching: our Ed Hardy plague is infinitely more malign than the most virulent strain of Schweine-Grippe, and the continued prevalence (inside our Hauptbahnhof) of full-length Matrix faux-leathers and multi-buckled rave bells as signifiers of otherness would give even Hegel pause re the efficacy of dialectic... At Rossmann (equivalent to Walgreens Stateside, albeit without the day-long queues for service), an exceedingly drab salarywoman purchased a bright yellow 12-pack of "Fruity and Fun" condoms. One hoped she'd later be shooting an interracial gang-bang at her flat in Hildesheim. (Or Celle, etc.) Shortly after, a Down's teen in an orange safety vest walked slowly over and stood uncomfortably close to me. Nothing necessarily untoward in his approach, of course, but awkward proximity begets muted shuffling. Finally, on the train to Ahlten, a tall woman hungrily downing a bagel failed to notice two long, white hairs stuck to the crumpled left knee section of her pale beige tights. The fibers were illuminated by the dim afternoon light, thus visible to all, but she was in a literal blind spot...


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