Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This just fucking sucks... Rowland S. is gone, having succumbed to liver cancer at the too-young age of 50. Damn, damn.

There was a decade-long gap between the release of his superlative '99 album Teenage Snuff Film and the recent, extraordinary Pop Crimes compendium, but, as many others have opined, there seemed to be no diminution of his craft, only an elevation, a knowing weariness which rebuffed easy sentimentality and approached genuine grandeur.

Never another like him.

Below, an audience vid of the album's second (and perhaps most harrowing) track, "Shut Me Down," from ATP Australia, January '09...



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Anonymous said...

Sadly RSH is gone but not forgotten,take a look here with a lot of live audio shows of all his bands,nice! to download for free

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