Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KSV Box: Production Central vs. Contracted Purloin...

Here's where we stand with What's a qNadsat Word for Tank Jazz - still putting it all together as midnight falls. Scan left, and you'll see stacks of folded releases (KSV 001 through 025, to be exact), a sheath of sleeves, and colored dividers (to protect the components of our various multi-disc albums); peer toward the right, and you'll notice spindles filled with freshly minted copies of our other releases, additional sleeves, rucksacks, postcard-sized stickers (jutting obliquely below the covers for To Which Clotted Horrors Do You Fail to Refer?), and elements of the A0 posters that will be included with each order.

The photobook may not be back from the printer in time for a Wednesday launch, but Thursday is definitely possible. (Friday is a lock, of course. We'll keep you posted either way.)

Soon soon soon!


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