Necessary Adjustments: Day Twenty-Nine


Nearing the end of our solemn commemoration. Has it been worth the cramping?

I've done my best to maintain a semblance of verisimilitude throughout - the WVVS production studio in 1975-1978 was little more than a closet housing a half-decent microphone, two huge, heavy, belt-drive turntables, a reasonably well-tended Revox A77, a production (cart) recorder, and a board that, if pegged recklessly, could bathe one's work in rich, feedback-laden reverb. Each of the previous adjustments in this month's series was created with those glorious limitations in mind...

Necessary Adjustments #29:

Drunks with Guns - Drunks with Guns (adjusted) (1987)


Dubravko Detoni - Graphies I-III / Phonomorphia 1-3 (adjusted) (1971)


Harry Pussy - Live in Austin, TX (adjusted) (1997, 2007 CDR)


Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion (adjusted) (2008)


The Portsmouth Sinfonia - Plays the Popular Classics (adjusted) (1973)


Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio - Live, Royal Festival Hall, London (adjusted) (19 April 10)


Meet you here tomorrow for the finale?



kingpossum said…
Holy cowtown! Drunks with Guns from St. Louis?! Well certainly, like it'd be the Drunks with Guns from Naugatuck, Connecticut--what was I thinking?

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