Saturday, May 22, 2010

KSV Assault: Re-Launch! (Part One)

Hello Again,

With three new releases already completed (KSV 084-086, edited, mastered, done!), I thought it best to recalibrate the catapult and launch last fortnight's dozen in two volleys. The second death rain will follow tomorrow.

Live performances are fairly easy to transcribe and prepare for release. These new studio recordings, however, were extraordinarily complex, time-consuming affairs. (Scads of hours staring at the monitor - my eyes are fucking gone!)

Not griping, mind - I hope you'll find the results to have been worth the effort. And, as always, Karl and I appreciate your kind support and illuminating critiques.

If you want them, you know what to do.

Download a preview mix here.



KSV 060 Horseshoe Bob - Willkürlichauswahl Nº1

Horseshoe Bob (aka Robert West) is a resident of London and a long-time friend of Karl Schmidt Verlag. He began sending us wheal haiku hula wails in early 2009. By the end of the year, we'd asked him to assemble an album for release, as his compositions bestrew rot on hulled shucks of curlew Halal. Herr Bob pulled out all the stalks and rivulets for his KSV debut, and you owe him your coin in recompense...

01 Funkelnmünder (11:28)
02 Barnacles, Blisters (1:12)
03 Khizhli Pop (1:57)
04 Say My Name (1:20)
05 Snoot Flumes (3:04)
06 Ottowan / Hands Up! (2:07)
07 What We Refer to Rightly or Wrongly as ''Das zweite Pistazie/Kokonus Wav'' (6:48)
08 Fur of a Black Cushion (3:00)

Composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Horseshoe Bob.

Post-production mastering by TS for KSV.

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 073 Academia Riding Rust - I Can't Be Arsed to Be Incensed by Self-Perpetuated Stasis

Academia Riding Rust return for their sophomore radium eradication, and the bastard nieces of abstinence triads couldn't be more arsed. This braised cycle, ARR slip lariats round the glutenous extremities of the 2010 Juno and NME kudocasts. Radiance? See worms.

01 Bacteria Dens (31:09)
02 Reset Palpitated Fusses (Version) (45:45)

Transcribed, edited, mixed and produced by Academia Riding Rust.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 074 Katja Fregatte - Venom Zinn Funkapolitan Reynolds Reynols

Sick fucking second KSV expulsion from the Bulgarian diva of disharmony. If you were among the lucky few who enjoyed diminished correlated synaptic activity after listening to Ms. Fregatte's 2009 debut Coldplay Nancarrow Burzum Hines, you're in for a seizure of Michaelsian proportions.

01 Tat Trek Fanzine Jag (Outflank Pain) (23:03)
02 Enrolled Servo Synomym (23:04)

Composed, recorded, mixed, and produced January-April 2010 by Katja Fregatte at the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory of the University of Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 075 Factories Empty Evening - Parched Lawns Are Low Sun

For their premiere KSV release, Hannoverian duo Factories Empty Evening adapted a March concert recording of the Staatsoper's 6. Sinfoniekonzert presentation, during which relatively familiar pieces by Hector Berlioz, Maurice Ravel, Olivier Messiaen, and Claude Debussy were performed.

FEE's master was first edited for concision (applause and other extraneous sounds were removed), then subdivided into 30- and 60-second segments which were arrayed according to the results of two randomizing algorithms (one self-devised, the other determined via atmospheric noise filter).

The resulting composition neatly subverts our expectations of narrative, upending shared assumptions of the classical canon while positing fervent Yeti tintypes atop an impious synaptic veneer.

01 Parched Lawns Are Low Sun (57:57)

Recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and produced by Factories Empty Evening.

Horst Unbehagen - software, edits, mastering
Maria Wackelt - edits, mix, production

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 076 Pato & Crystal Plumage - Wohlklang, 17. März

Wohlklang has been a flowering green wasp of late. On the scornful night of March 17, Spain's Pato and the French-American duo Crystal Plumage busted up the speaker shop but good. Familiar spirits were compelled to drop their pitchforks for gnawing imperfections...

01 Performance Graft (52:15)

Composed and performed by Pato (Rubén Patiño, laptop, electronics, strobe) and Crystal Plumage (Benjamin Laurent-Aman, guitar, tapes, electronics, and Sean Fergus Barrett, electronics, voice, and devices).

Edited, mixed and mastered by TS for KSV.

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 077 Brenda Harris: The Woman on the Bed

Inspired by and partially adapted from Howard Alk's exemplary 1971 documentary The Murder of Fred Hampton, and begun by TS the week after the death of his father (the first backdrop layer was recorded in the garden of his parents' South Georgia home in January), Brenda Harris: The Woman on the Bed shifts the focus from the slain Chicago community leader profiled in Alk's film (and away from the still-relevant, but nonetheless dated declamatory cant of the period) to those directly affected by the death of someone influential, dear, and near.

01 The Woman on the Bed (52:34)

Composed, recorded, edited, mixed and produced January-April 2010 by TS in Adel, Georgia and Hannover, Deutschland. Audio elements from Howard Alk's The Murder of Fred Hampton are interpolated throughout the composition.

Edition of 15.

EU: €8.49 / elsewhere: €10 (postage paid)


KSV 078 Pécas in Dub: Je suis une (horny penman)

Karl and Tom disassemble the English-language track of Max Pécas' delirious 1970 ode to fused seams and pained repose, Je suis une nymphomane.

Through this exercise, they proclaim: No no no at midnight, no to trembling frenzy, no to trembling at the hurled vomit, at the edge, at the permament nymphomane!

Disque une

101 Première soirée: dans la ruelle, derrière la maison paroissiale (45:38)

Disque deux

201 Cinquante-septième soirée: les opportunistes (45:34)

Composed, transcribed, edited, mixed and produced by Karl Schmidt and Tom Smith at KSV HQ, Hannover, February-April 2010.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

(Above, the poster for the Dutch-language variant, Ik ben Manziek.)

Edition of 15.

Two-disc set: €14 EU / €17 elsewhere (postage paid)


KSV 079 Tom Smith - Die Frau betreffend

Tom Smith's Die Frau betreffend is the first in a series of large-scale solo and multimedia vocal works that will apply pre methodologies to explore pathogenic confluences of isolation and intimacy, mediation and interconnectivity, and gestural transmissability - the search for aesthetic clarity amidst the clutter of received notions, fatigued norms, and stratified stigmata.

Die Frau betreffend is based on an early iteration of the score composed for Tom's proposed 2010 European solo tour, and employs vocals extracted from To Live and Shave in L.A.'s 2007 studio recording of The Cortège.

The narration used in this version was taken from Die Frau, an encyclopedia for women that was omnipresent in the former DDR (East Germany). A guide to socialist living one year, a moldering kitsch totem the next...

101 612 (60:17)
201 237 (60:26)
301 324 (60:40)
401 475 (60:32)
501 7546 (60:52)
601 671 (60:25)
701 7123456 (61:22)

Composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and produced February-May 2010 by Tom Smith at KSV HQ, Hannover.

Archival Cortège material engineered by Matt Azzarto at the Think Tank, Hoboken, NY.

Narration by Die Frau.

Mastered by Linda, Viola & Uwe at Slab Alucard, Cluj-Napoca.

Edition of 15.

Seven-disc set: €31 EU / €36 elsewhere.

Order via PayPal: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.


Until Tomorrow,



Jared said...

I'm interested in some of these - I take it one orders through this blog? The titles are not up at KSV's myspace page.

Tom said...

Hi Jared,

I've been brutalized by my work schedule of late, so Murdoch's stepchild is usually the last to be fed. I'll have the updates posted there soon, perhaps by tomorrow.

To purchase any available title, use PayPal, via tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.



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